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                                        Xuzhou Longxingtai Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Hosts New Year's Day Fun Games

                                        Release time:2020-12-31


                                        Ruixue is a prosperous year and Vientiane is new in China. The footsteps of the New Year are getting closer, and the bells and drums of the New Year are ringing more and more. In order to further boost the spirit of all cadres and employees to carry out entrepreneurship, and encourage the courage to be first-class and bravely climb the peak, on the afternoon of December 31, The company held the "Unity, Cooperation, Competition, Surpassing" New Year's Day fun games. More than 100 contestants from various departments of the company and Zhongyi Trading participated in the Games.  

                                        At 1:00 pm, in the staff cultural and sports activity center, everyone was full of energy and high spirits. The participating teams stood neatly in line with the domineering and leaky guide cards. President Pan delivered an opening speech at the opening ceremony.

                                        The competition includes four events: tug-of-war, two-person three-legged, beading, and rope skipping. On the sports field, the contestants were full of enthusiasm and participated in the fun sports meeting with full enthusiasm and high spirits. The outstanding performance of the contestants won bursts of applause from the audience. The laughter and cheers continued, which fully demonstrated the vigorous demeanor and good spirit of the company's employees.

                                        Finally, each project competed for the top three and awarded prizes.

                                        The development of this sports meeting not only brought relaxation and joy to the busy working life of employees in a fun and entertaining way, but also demonstrated the employees' tenacious fighting spirit and cultivated the sense of unity and cooperation.

                                        The original intention is the rudder, the hard work is the sail, the mission is the oar

                                        Keep your feet on the ground, overcoming obstacles, and going all the way

                                        Let us unite in 2021

                                        In the new era and new journey

                                        Closely focus on Longxingtai's strategic goals

                                        Day and night, non-stop

                                        Together to write a new chapter of high-quality development